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Ok, here is how it works: space, I may have alluded to it already, is big. There is no way we can monitor this section of the border with only the sensors on this ship. So what we do is: we use unexploded warheads as advanced warning stations. Oh please shut up! Yes, it does make perfect sense!

Look, during each incursion we expend a huge amount of ammunitions. And I do mean HUGE. Only a very small number of which will actually be of any use. Once again, the space in front of us is so big, our target so small, we have no choice. Plus, these pirates are no fool, you know: the first thing they do is destroy our monitoring stations way before they ever come in range, way before they can collect any useful data, like speed or vector.

It’s a familiar pattern, isn’t it? Well, I did warn you we were flying blind most of the time. Anyway, most of the time, the only data our AWSs collect are the fact of their own destruction. In these conditions, and since incursions occur at a rate of two or three a week, it makes sense to use the cheap and cheerful kind, wouldn’t you say? And they don’t come much cheaper than unexploded warheads with a couple of additional sensors and too little fuel to find their way back home.

In any case, such is the power of the weapons we deploy, we tend to destroy a few AWSs ourselves every time we open fire. Once again: cheaper that way. Plus, it keeps me cheerful: once you have armed and fired these babies, you don’t want them coming back, let me tell you!




Look at him, moving from one screen to the next. Look at him! Pushing buttons and monitoring reactions, calculating trajectories as if he was one of them, the machines!

And the gravity is weak, here. And it’s only a button-and-touch-screen too, with a few vocal commands. Why does he have to be so damn big? Why does he need to be so damn cool?

Bloody machines…


They didn’t realise that two of us was never going to be enough. We are more than people, more even than individuals. Even if I don’t remember them, I remember the concept: I know I had family, I had friends! Each of which I would react to, play, be a different Isis for! The same way I play with him! All this is gone.

I may not remember them but I know I have been lessened. The goddam machines at peri-Central, they want to understand everything; so they have no choice but to simplify. No choice but to reduce.