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1 –  At that time, it started raining all over the Northern Hemisphere. Raining so much and for so long that people started watching TV retransmissions of distant, antipodean sporting events, just for a glimpse of the Sun.

But even that had to stop, as the rains spread.


2 – He was a man with a broom, that’s all. I don’t expect they paid him much. They usually don’t.


3 – For Doctor Cox, from Scrubs:

“ You there: “I am woman, hear me squeak!” Come over here!


4 – Il agissait comme un homme qui avait un air populaire dans la tête et ne pouvait s’empêcher de le chantonner à mi-voix, en permanence, comme pour s’en débarrasser petit bout par petit bout, pour laisser fuir, suinter note par note, couplet par couplet le refrain insistant.